Vertically Integrated Business That Not Just Provides You With Consistent Quality Standards, But Also Top-Notch Quality Assurance Process For Each & Every Phase...


Production Lines...

The main strength of Nounou Bros is in its vertical integration of the different phases of the industry, from yarn texturizing going all the way to the final product.


Leveraging on our years of experience and our vertically integrated structure, the company managed to develop and innovate new materials that beat the performance of the current materials in the market with lower price point.


This is how Nounou Bros delivers real value to its clients.


The company has a production capacity of 10 tons of fabric per day, and a total 600 well trained, experienced, and highly skilled workforce. While the garment production division of the factory has a monthly capacity of 200,000 pieces ranging from t-shirts, polo shirts, ladies knitted tops, and training suits.


Nounou Bros has nine different business lines that are serving the business. Each line works separately, so clients can ask for a fully integrated service or a standalone services...

Yarn Texturizing

Woven Fabric Manufacturing

Knitted Fabric Manufacturing

Garments Manufacturing

Garments Produced

Yarn Dying

Piece and Allover Printing

Fabric Dying & Finishing

Yarn Trading


Yarn Texturizing...

Yarn texturizing is considered to be one of the first steps of the textiles manufacturing process. It takes the raw material, or POY, and transforms it into polyester yarns.


Nounou Bros’ yarn texturing unit has a daily capacity of 8 tons, with a fleet of 3 texturing and 5 FDY machines.


This capacity ensures the maximum coverage of later processes in line such as knitting and garment manufacturing, and the extra capacity is dedicated for our clients.


Woven Fabric Manufacturing...

Fabric formation is the backbone of the textiles industry, as it has the biggest variety of product range which provides the tools for producing a wide array of readymade garments. The whole range of fabric formation methods are used at Nounou Bros, ranging from weaving, circular knitting and warp knitting to flat knitting and narrow fabric looms.


Nounou Bros’ fabric manufacturing


machines have the capacity to produce 20,000 meters daily, including 15,000 meters from narrow fabric looms and 5,000 meters from an assortment of weaving machines.


Knitted Fabric Manufacturing...

Fabric manufacturing through knitting has a total production output capacity of 10 tons per day.


Circular knitting is considered to be the biggest power in the fabric formation process, having a daily capacity of 8 tons of fabric. Additional machinery makes fabric accessories such as waistbands of jackets and pants, collars and cuffs for polo shirts.


Warp knitting machines have the capacity to produce 2 tons per day out of 20 machines, with arrange of products such as dazzle, different mesh and interlining fabrics.


Garment Manufacturing...

The garment manufacturing department covers several stages, from fabric inspection to cutting to binding, printing, embroidery, sewing until finishing. A quality assurance team inspects every production step to ensure defect-free garments.


Before any fabric is moved to the next step of the production process (cutting), it under goes rigorous inspection to ensure that it meets the designated quality control standards. Once the fabric


passes this test, it is ready for cutting.


Fabrics go through the cutting, binding, printing and embroidering processes as needed. Any necessary applications are made prior to actual sewing. Garments are then placed on controlled production lines managed by skilled workers. The machinery used is intended to ensure the best possible quality of the finished product. Trained staff and machines work together to maintain a reputable standard of the factory's merchandise.


After sewing, the garment is given to a team of workers who carefully finish the piece. Garments are randomly inspected one final time before tag insertion and packing.


Garments Produced...

The products of the factory range from polyester yarns to fabrics to ready-made garments.


The garments are all in accordance with customer designs and requirements. The customer can choose between their own designs or from our seasonal collection.


Yarn Dying...

Yarn dying is one of addition processes for fabric production. It makes it possible to make special kinds of fabrics, such as stripes, mini jacquard and full jacquard fabrics. Yarn dying gives fabric producers an edge to be up to date with the latest fabric fashions, and opens opportunities that would not be possible otherwise.


The raw cotton or polyester yarns undergo a preparation process followed by a dying phase conducted with imported colors and catalysts under high pressure to ensure the quality of dying.



To achieve the exact required colors, light analysis is conducted to provide the precise ingredients of the colors without human interference through programmable logic controllers (PLC). Yarn is then passed to the next stage by drying through high temperature dryers. Finally, a strict quality check is performed to revise the yarns against any fault during production and then rolled and prepared for the machines. A monthly capacity of 120 tons ensures customers receive their necessary requirements to meet the fast growing call of yarn dying.


Piece & Allover Printing...

Piece and all over printing have become a necessity in fashion. Nounou Bros owns an integrated print house that can produce the latest piece and allover printing.


The piece printing facility allows garment manufacturers to add different effects to their products. The range of piece printing methods is very wide, and includes new methods  such


as glitter printing, foil printing, disperse printing, etc... Another addition to piece printing is the applique, badge and flock effects. These are made through different techniques to give the garment extra decorations, with hundreds of possibilities and materials to use.


Allover printing is another necessity in the garment industry and can give lovely effects to the fabrics. Most fashion designers prefer it as it gives them more options to express their ideas and fashion designs on larger portions of the garments. The most common allover prints are made in ladies’ fashion wear, kids' wear and beach wear. All over printing also has its different effects such as engineered prints and watermarks, and thus it is usually involved in the highest fashion garments.


Fabric Dying & Finishing...

Fabric dying, whether for cotton or polyester fabric (or blends), is the core of the dying industry. International Textiles’ dye house utilizes more that 50% of its capacity for this process, with production of 85 tons per month. This capacity covers all dying requirements of the company to complete the vertical setup, and the extra capacities are kept for serving our dear clients.


The finishing processes give the final touch to the


fabrics after dying. They ensure the fabric weight, dimensions, softness and hand feel are according to customer's requirements. Moreover, some extra effects cannot be done elsewhere, such as brushing, sanding, shaving, shearing (for velour fabrics) and others. New finishing effects are continuously integrated within the dye house facilities to ensure the latest trends in fashion are available.


In both the dyeing and finishing processes, a very strict quality process is applied to ensure the customers receive exactly what they requested.


Yarn Trading...

With Nounou Bros’ extensive experience and widespread contacts across the vertical value chain of the textiles industry, it has established itself in both the trading and retail fields.


Leveraging its production requirements for different yarns, including cotton yarn as well as cotton-polyester blended yarn, International Textiles established direct relationships with international suppliers. A new  trading company was established

to import and sell yarn to other manufacturers. This business has increased significantly over the past years, with annual growth reaching almost 50%.

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