Our Goal Is To Help You Outperform Your Rivals Through Providing You With Exclusive Edge And Benefits That Can Optimize Your Operations & Performance!


Differentiate Your Business

Nounou Bros helps you differentiate your business through the following...


Design House

We provide you with exclusive top-line fashionable sportswear designs created by top fashion design houses.


Innovative Materials

Differentiate your brand and set yourself apart from the competition through leveraging on our new and innovative sportswear materials. These innovative materials will enhance your brand’s value and provides you with a real competitive edge.

Our innovative materials include the following:

  • Organic Materials
  • Bamboo
  • Flax & Hemp
  • Bio-based Materials
  • Recycled Materials
  • Waterproof & Windproof Fabrics
  • Man-made Fibers & Fabrics
  • Technical Textiles
  • Moisture Management Textiles


High Quality Fabrics & Garments

Nounou Bros adopts a strict quality assurance process for all the sourcing and production process, from fabrics to dyeing, printing, and garments products. For more info about our quality assurance process click here.


Safe Materials / Few Chemicals

Nounou Bros uses safe materials in all of its production process and keeps the use of chemicals at its bare minimum.

Save Costs

Truly unique services and benefits to help you save costs and maximize your margins in return!


Design Bank

Get use of our top up to date and ready designs portfolio. Modify the designs and add your brand touch through our online design tool, and submit your design for a sample. The whole process will take less than a week!


Minimize Deliver Time & Cost

Due to our proximity to Europe, you can now save delivery and logistics costs and increase reliability through minimizing lead time.


No Need To Pay Tariffs

Leveraging on trade agreements between Europe and Egypt, you can now have lower costs and higher profitability margins.


Leverage Our Unique R&D Team

Due to the vertical integration nature of our business and our extensive years of experience, our R&D team has accumulated wealth of knowledge and technical know-how to provide your with alternative products with the same quality and cheaper prices. Click here from more details.

Enhance Your Cash Flow

Improve your cash flow and focus more on the things that matter the most to your business...


Minimize Warehousing Costs

Benefit from our low MOQ. Now you can order as low as 1000 pcs per model. This allows you to test small designs and expand production as you see more demand,  so you can save warehousing costs through minimizing your order volumes.

Raise Your Efficiency

We provide you with the ability to manage your business in a stress free environment!


Your Merchandise On Time

With our ‘Capacity Booking’ service you can now reserve your turn to get your merchandize on time and avoid behind schedule deliveries or try new manufacturer that might not be up to the quality you’re after. For just small upfront fee you can now book your required capacity at the time you want it delivered.


Your Sample In 3 Business Days

Due to our deep expertise and high exposure in the sportswear industry we’re capable of moving faster that most of our rivals. We provide you with your required sample in 3 business days at most.


Get Your Product Directly In Your Warehouse, No Hassle

To provide our clients with more enhanced value we’ve partnered up with logistics companies that will take care of your merchandise from port to your warehouse. Now you have more time focusing on your business strategic matters for more success.


Production Monitoring & Tracking

Now you can monitor and keep track of your production order with our efficient customer service team. Keep up to date with our weekly production status report.

Your One Stop Shop

All possible solutions to all your business needs. You can count on us to take you to the next level...


Professional Pricing Solutions To Your Products

Nounou Bros provides you with cost engineering service to help its clients develop proper production budget, which leads to a better wholesale and retail pricing strategies.


Your Technical Designs & Patterns Developed by Professionals

To help our clients save time and focus more on strategic matters, we offer a technical design and pattern making service leveraging our practical and deep exposure in the field.


Design Grading & Fit Testing Services

Nounou Bros team will develop a precise grading and fitting apparel that will stand out your products and enhance its looking and overall outfit.


Photo-shooting &  Cataloging Services

Have your final product professionally photo-shooted in a compelling outlook that can help enhance your online and offline presence and reflect a professional image about your business. Your professional photos can then be placed into an attractive catalogue that showcases your entire portfolio.


Fabric Sourcing Services

Leveraging on Nounou Bros' connections, market experience, and fabrics know-how we provide you with solutions for sourcing the most appropriate fabrics for your portfolio with the lowest prices possible.


Custom Clearance & Freight Forwarding Solutions

Nounou Bros will connect you with custom clearance companies that will handle all your shipments and take care of delivering your merchandise from port to your warehouse.

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