A Long Heritage That is not only reflected in An Unparalleled Know-How, But Also In A Tradition of Service For Each & Every Client...


About Us...

Our Heritage...

Nounou Bros Group is the fruit of a family business that has lasted for over 150 years. Dedicated to excellence in textile and garment production and trading, the group is composed of several companies, and engages in all the activities of the supply chain. We have our own yarn, fabric, dyeing and apparel manufacturing facilities. These facilities started operations since 1952.
Our Present...
The apparel production division has long served the domestic and export markets. Locally, Nounou Bros, have been pioneers in introducing several renowned international brands through manufacturing and distribution agreements. Those included Diadora, Le Coq Sportif, Umbro and Columbia.

On the export side, the breadth of expertise is unparalleled. Having exported to customers all over Europe and the United States, Nounou Bros has gained an unmatched know how in that arena. Since 40 years we have been serving well established customers such as C&A, WalMart, JC Penny, Penny's , H&M, Umbro, Leone among many others.


Nounou Bros specializes in three broad product categories:

- Men's underwear and basics.

- Football replica Jerseys and sportswear.

- Knitted fashion and casual wear.

Working with Nounou Bros has its advantages. As experts in yarn and fabric development, guarantees that you will definitely benefit from their exclusive knowledge in making garments out of the newest fabric trends. Your products will be uniquely composed of cloth that none of your competitors possess. Additionally, our location in Egypt, means that our lead-time is shorter. This coupled with our deep understanding of the requirements of the export market, means that you will have an innovative, fast and reliable partner. So, are you ready to start that exciting journey?

Main Office

9 Adly Street, Downtown, Cario


International Textiles Nounou Bros E.S.C Industrial Zone A1, 10th of Ramadan Tel:+20554410065

Dye House

Super Textiles 84 Mataria Street, Mataria, Cario

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